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Product Update: Invoicing from Streamtime

Why hello there.

It’s been a while between drinks but we’re here again for another Streamtime release.


Until now you’ve only been able create invoices within Xero. Not anymore! This update allows you to generate your invoices, manipulate it to show what you’d like (just like your Quote) and then send straight to your Client.

Invoice template created invoice

Copy it to Xero

You can still link to Xero and push your invoice through. Once Streamtime and Xero are connected and you’ve pushed your invoice across, data will move between the two showing you when it was paid, due date, status and a fast link straight into Xero.

Don’t have Xero, too easy!

Now you can create and send invoices from Streamtime you no longer need Xero to get invoices to customers. Within each invoice we give you the power to manually enter payment details and see how each invoice is travelling.

We’ve also introduced the ability to add multiple tax codes and to remove tax from certain lines.  This multi-tax option also can be applied within your quote. ?

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If you have any feedback or any questions, please give us a shout.

Stay Classy.

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