Product Updates

Product Update: Online Approval, Job Duplication and Contact imports.

Product update for all those playing at home 🙂

Faster Communication with Online Quoting

Send your quotes directly to the client for approval. That’s right, keep a paperless trail and don’t ever leave the app. Your clients simply click a button to accept your estimate, which updates Streamtime right away and lets you both know. Once its approved, the quote is locked to maintain it’s integrity. This leaves you more time to create that beautiful work.


Duplicate Job

The point of a system is to allow you to get your planning finished quicker so you can get back to what you’re best at (if that’s planning, hopefully relaxing comes in at second place). For those jobs that keep coming back, the new duplication option allows you to work more efficiently. Head to the three little dots in the right job and ‘duplicate’ to speed things up. Oh look, here’s one I prepared earlier.


Import Companies & People

This one’s in the title ?.  Don’t lose all those awesome clients you work with, we now have out very own import tool.


Along with these three beauties we have added a heap of other improvements:

  • Better messaging in jobs list – specifically when there are no jobs found
  • Added security padlocks to Team, Settings and Items & Expenses screens
  • Updated styling of quote to put the description underneath the item name
  • Performance improvements to the analytics page
  • New styling of create company & person modals
  • Added a ‘Filter Count’ icon to the jobs & analytics pages to keep track of the number of active filters

Sign in and check them out. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for making it this far,
Team Streamtime

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