Product Updates

2022 features and updates

This year, we released some huge improvements to our product. Keep on reading to find out what new features and updates our team worked on in the past year. We’ll more exciting updates to come in the new year of 2023.

🌈 Happiness tracking
A brand new pilot feature helping track team happiness at work.
More on this to come in 2023.

🎨Custom templates for quotes, invoices and purchase orders
With a bit of your own dev magic, you can now fully customise how your documents look in Streamtime using our custom template feature.

🛒 Expense statuses
By popular demand: set up draft expenses and choose which
expenses you will or will not include in your job plan.

Batch actions
Get things done faster by lining up actions on multiple things at once.

📍Navigation updates
Move through Streamtime at lightning speed with a raft of navigation improvements, including new keyboard shortcuts and a global search.

🤑 Accounting integrations
Got more than one accounting package, and want to link it up to Streamtime? We got you. Easily keep accounting separate

Sarah Nguyen

Sarah leads product design in our team based in Sydney. She loves pizza but hates bananas.

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