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The year that was 2016

Well… That was a year and a half, 2016 definitely was a whirlwind.

Easily the biggest in the life of Streamtime. This year we launched an entirely new, from the ground up, in the cloud, ultra modern, built for humans, Streamtime. We said goodbye to some great people, won a handful of awards, had babies and found ourselves smack bang in the middle of something pretty extraordinary.

Let me take you back through some of the highlights of 2016.

Back to the Beginning

This year we had one goal – to be better. We wanted to build a tool to fit the way people actually work and to be fun again. With a little (maybe a bit more) help from the like minded and award winning agency For The People (they kind of rock) we sat down and began the battle for the soul of project management software.


“He was mad as Hell, and he wasn’t going to take it any more.”
Our founder, Aaron, was sick to death of joyless, soul-sucking project management software that made users work hard and didn’t give them anything in return.
So he took a start-up approach to rebooting his company… and a brand new Streamtime was born.


At the beginning of February Aaron decided he wanted everyone under the one roof to get us all on board with this drastic move. He flew everyone from around the world. Belgium, England, New Zealand and Melbourne (not another country but Dani our girl is sometimes on another planet). He sat us all down for a week of learning and fun and he called it Soultime.

We were very lucky to have some very talented people come in to speak. We had Damain Borchok talk about the future and some pretty far out ideas which we hope to tackle in our future. Andy Wright took us back through the history of Project management and Streamtime to where we could be. Danielle gave us a very inspiring talk about the world and not to sit back and watch it go by, Miel and Derek give us a crash course in fine wine and Belgium beer (YUM!) and the very talented Matt Groom tought us about tone of voice and establishing our own.  Last but certainly not least, we got to see what our new product was going to look like.  Jason Little showed us our new branding and all of the (now award winning) designs.

We closed up the week with a great boat trip around Sydney Harbour then parted ways with everyone pumped up and raring to get at our new system.

Welcome Streamtime & Tiny Aaron

Welcome to a new Streamtime, where to-do lists are the new timesheets. Where a behaviour that many people already practice, replaces a routine that many of us reviled.

By the time April hit we had a product and were ready to set it free. Along with it came a little character that we like to simply call Tiny Aaron.

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 10.19.19

Our aim for Streamtime was to be a project management software for humans – brought to you by a team of clever cookies dedicated to thinking big, shooting straight and bringing a little bit of spice to your work life. By taking a back-to-basics, Silicon Valley-inspired approach we have been able to bring fun back to software.



Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 12.02.10

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 12.02.00

Streamtime Classic

This year we certainly didn’t forget our loyal client base of over 8,000 Streamtime Classic clients. For those of you who don’t know,  Streamtime Classic needs to be installed on your local machine, runs on the FileMaker platform and has been around for about 14 years.

We have spent considerable time this year updating our Classic Knowledge Base  and streamlining our processes with the help of Intercom to continually improve our legendary customer support and response times.  This year our support team, located in four countries around the world, have had over 7,000 conversations with our clients and achieved a median first response time of under 90 minutes, considerably less than our service level agreement – something we are very proud of.

We are totally committed to supporting our Classic product for as long as our clients need us to, although we are expecting a lot of our clients will want to make the move online next year to the shiny new Streamtime.

Since Launch

We started off with a very simple idea and a minimal product. A job plan and a to-do list, that was pretty much it when we launched in April. Simplicity was and still is one of the most important things. Since launch we have released over 30 updates and can now boast a very comprehensive tool that is on it’s way to becoming the ultimate end to end system. You can create detailed job plans, customised job lists, custom reporting within analytics, one click quoting with online approval, team schedule, invoicing with xero and of course all of your contacts. It’s been a lot of hard work from the entire team and it’s something we are delighted with and very proud of. If you want to dive into exactly what each of those updates entails, you can check out all of our release notes within our blog.


It’s always nice to be recognised and this year we have been very honoured to take away some of the biggest awards around.

We were finalist in:

  • The BEST design Awards FINALIST  in Design Craft and Large Brand Identity
  • AGDA Finilist in Branding and Corporate Identity


  • Sydney Design Award Gold – Digital Business Operations
  • BEST design Awards Silver for Applications and Large Scale Website

But the biggest thrill we had was winning the AGDA Pinnacle for Digital Application. This couldn’t have been done without our amazing friends at For The People and we thank them for all their hard work this year.
Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 15.45.31

What’s to come in 2017

We’re certainly not slowing down in 2017. We have big plans and if we can even get close to hitting our goals then 2017 will be a great year.

We are currently cracking the toughest challenge that any project management tool has – scheduling and easy resource planning. Bring it on. Giving ourselves a very lofty goal to have this released by April 1st and we cannot wait. Here’s a quick sneak peek.


Another big thing we want to tackle is to have Streamtime ready for all our classic clients to migrate over to. We know how important historical data is, so getting that over will be one of our highest priorities.

To everyone that has come along for the ride we thank you so much. It’s been a good run so far and we hope to reach even further in the the new year.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and very Happy New year,


PS: If you want to see just how we went Aaron video blogged the entire process.

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