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The Art of the Drag & Drop

Time tracking without timesheets

With intuitive to-do lists, tracking time is as easy as dragging and dropping.

Timesheets are perhaps the most reviled enemy of creativity – and consequently, shall be abided no more! Instead they shall be replaced entirely with a much less soul-crushing method for tracking time. Meet the to-do list.


The Streamtime guide to time-tracking

Drag & drop to log time

Get that nice hit of endorphins from dragging things from 'to do' to 'done' - and, like magic, time is logged against your jobs!

Adapt to your changing schedule

Pull on the edge of task cards to increase or reduce their time, or move them around-- it's easy to tweak things to accurately reflect your day.
Organise your day
Streamtime allows you to pull from created jobs to quickly create a useful to-do list for the day.
“Brilliantly designed, intuitive and elegantly simple. The shift from time sheets to to-do lists is simply genius.”
Fraser Callaway, Managing Partner,
Strategy Creative

The time-tracking checklist

  • Does it save you time by doing most of the work for you?
  • Does it improve the fidelity of the data by integrating into natural creative behaviour?
  • Does it feel distinctly and surprisingly not super gross?
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