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Streamtime Team

We’ve been fighting for creativity in the studio since 2002. Take a look where we came from…

Location: New Zealand. Streamtime (then Streamline) launches as project management software that's customised for every client.
LOST makes its TV debut — MySpace launches — 20 customers
Streamline is ... streamlined (see what we did there?) to a single, standardised product for all clients. You buy it in a box and install it on your computer.
Daniel Craig becomes 007 — Pixar releases Cars — 55 customers
The Streamtime team go international with the opening of a Sydney office. Ranked 26th (261% growth rate) in the Deloitte/Unlimited Fastest Growing Technology Business.
Steve Jobs launches the iPhone — 110 customers
Another office opens in London. On the other side of the world, Streamtime is named New Zealand's 8th fastest growing business.
Obama is elected President of the United States — Google launches Chrome browser — 400 customers
With the launch of the iPad 2, Apple chooses Streamtime to be a featured app partner.
People start planking — Game of Thrones debuts— 520 customers
Streamtime Web launches, making Streamtime one of the first project management products available in-browser, from anywhere.
Harlem Shake goes viral — 'FOMO' and 'selfie' added to the Oxford Dictionary — 874 customers
With 1,000 teams and over 8,000 users on Streamtime, founder Aaron Green realises a radical change is needed to ensure his company continues to thrive... so he takes a startup approach to rebooting his brand and his product.
Beyonce drops 'Lemonade' — Pokemon Go launches — 1,061 companies on Streamtime
Streamtime introduces and improves more features, making it one of the most recommended project management software companies online.
Over 1,100 teams on Streamtime and growing
1,200 teams on Streamtime and growing.

"Life's a journey, and the one thing you don't do on a journey is stay in the one place, right?"
Peggy Blumquist, Fargo

Streamtime is used in 51 countries every day.


19 years of Studio Management
Software experience


businesses using Streamtime to run their creative and counting


16 creative and product performance
awards won (and counting)

The first 15 years were only prologue. We’ve never been ones to stand still.

We might have reinvented our product in 2016 (watch the video for more) but we’re not stopping there.

There’s always more to do. More unwieldy processes to strip away, more old habits to rethink, more fun to be had. Check out our roadmap to check out what we're working on next.

Workin’ round the clock, round the world

We love our product. But we’ve also got huge ambitions to keep it getting better and better for our customers. If you’re the sort of slightly-mad, passionate, upstart person that might be interested in joining us on our journey, check out open opportunities on Linkedin.

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