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The Art of Thinking Big

Thinking big about the future.

Where we’re looking to radically improve studio management.

We believe Streamtime, as it stands, is a good weapon for Defenders of Creativity. But we have no intention of stopping. You could say that there’s still a lot left on our to-do list. Let’s start with big-ticket items first:


Predictive Analysis

Why should we put up with project management software that is almost exclusively focused on the past - when what we always need to be dealing with is the future?
What if, with a combination of small system-prompted check-ins and smart mining of existing data, Streamtime could (without needing your input!) refine your job plan day-by-day to provide a clear idea of how the job is actually tracking, what has changed that might affect the outcome of the job, and what those changes could lead to in the coming weeks?

It'd be Streamtime telling you what will go wrong, instead of what already has.

This would mean a shift from diagnostic analysis to prognostic analysis - with Streamtime constantly re-evaluating the variables that affect the project's likelihood of success, and providing recommendations for course-correction.
The Future

Culture management

The culture of a studio is maybe the biggest factor in its success - that's hardly news. The issue, though, is that culture management is often seen as a separate to project management — but the two are actually inseparable. What work is done, and how it’s done, has an undeniable impact on company culture. No amount of ping-pong tables can fix a problematic workload.
There are many employee engagement systems out there, ranging from the simple (basically Net Promoter Scores for employees) to the unmanageably complicated. But they exist in isolation.

By building simple and intuitive culture tracking into Streamtime, we could have it nut out the problems for you by comparing culture metrics to events and recurring situations in the business.

Does Gillian always get frustrated when she’s working for Client X? Or maybe it’s only when she has to work on that client with Craig. Does Tara just have rough, unproductive Mondays, regardless of what she’s doing? Or is it the weekend hours she’s putting in that are sapping her drive?
As with anything, the devil’s in the details. We want Streamtime to give you the context that will turn qualitative data into genuine human insights -  and help you fix any morale issues that are currently, insidiously eroding your bottom line.
The Future

Making user data
work for users

Most software is built around what an organisation needs, not what a person needs. We think every person should be able to ask the question ‘What am I getting out of this?’ when using Streamtime, and be happy with the answer. So how can we make Streamtime more useful for each team member, and not just the business?
How about if Streamtime tracked your career for you? A lot this data is being collected already -  what you’re working, how long you’re working on it, who you’re working with -  and the other elements (like award wins and other career achievements) could be easily logged in a personal profile.
This sort of career tracking is useless if it resets every time you change jobs,  so we’re looking at creating user profiles for Streamtime that exist independently of studios using Streamtime (which would link up with a business to share data until you part ways).

Having an independent, self-completing career record would be invaluable for full-time employees who change jobs -  but imagine how useful it would be for freelancers.

Whether you’re working as an independent agent, joining a team on a temp basis or even ghosting for someone else, every hour of experience you accumulated doing a particular type of work would be tracked - and potentially shared periodically to your LinkedIn profile.
We’re also always chipping away at smaller improvements to Streamtime. Suggest or support improvements you’d like to see, and follow what we’re considering next at our Roadmap.
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