Streamtime for In-house Teams

In-house marketing and design teams use Streamtime to stay on top of hectic schedules, last minute requests and longer term projects.

Bye-bye timesheet admin

No more time entries, just easy drag and drop to show tasks as complete, while logging the time it took AT THE SAME TIME!

Your team will love using Streamtime and they'll love you for picking it

If you've been making your team do timesheets or use spreadsheets, they're going to love you for making the move to Streamtime. We designed Streamtime just for them. We believe in keeping creatives in their "flow state", by removing unnecessary admin. The result? They have more time to do what they love and are more likely to be productive, happy and fulfilled.

Adapt, react and use Streamtime to stay on top of the day to day

If you're running an In-house creative team you probably spend most of your time making sure they have plenty to do and know when to do it. Our schedule allows you to drag, drop and manage those last minute requests in an instant. See who's available and who's overbooked and seamlessly move tasks around the team for the easiest jigsaw puzzle you've ever had to do.

Prove the value you’re adding to the business

Reports in Streamtime allow you to track all the hours, projects and types of projects that your team are ploughing through every day, week, month, quarter and year. Track the amount of work you're doing for different stakeholders and departments. Send them a report of what you've delivered and watch the love and appreciation roll in 😍 or at least make the case for more time ⏰ or more team members 👬👭

In good company

Joining Streamtime means joining an elite club of other In-house teams working for big brands. From Mecca Cosmetica to Chanel, iconic Australian brand Bonds, as well as Bauer Media and some other large Media and Telecommunications businesses in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand – you'll be in good company and safe hands.

Only pay for what you need

It's no secret that Streamtime can do a lot! But if you're an In-house team you may not need everything. If you're not using invoicing, quoting and accounting integration then we can make sure that your price reflects the value you're getting from the product. Have a chat with us and lock-in one fixed price for the year with as many users included as you need – no extra charge for adding freelancers or suppliers.

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