Streamtime for Architects

Architects appreciate software that catches the eye and stands strong

Working with big budgets, long timelines, and a plan that needs to flex? Practices that use Streamtime tell us that our flexible system helps them run their projects. Plan your jobs, quote, invoice in stages, assign your team to phases and track your time. Everything you need to run your projects from start to finish.

For an industry with such high regard for design, logic and intuition, Streamtime is fast becoming a no-brainer.

Plan to succeed

Planning jobs in Streamtime couldn't be easier. If your projects include things like research, masterplan, town planning, documentation and construction then we've got your back. Price them by team member rates and hours or fixed price and we'll turn that into a timeline and a quote within a couple of clicks.

Flexible invoicing and margin monitoring

Invoicing is completely flexible in Streamtime. Create all your invoices by phase for the project, or month-to-month with 100% control over the time or items you charge for. Streamtime keeps an eye on your profit margin and everything previously invoiced so you know what's remaining and what needs chasing. Setup all your invoices in advance and you have a handy revenue forecasting tool – the equivalent of a crystal money ball!

We love timesheets – said no-one ever

It's scientifically proven that having to do timesheets is the number 1 reason for staff turnover in practices. (It's not, but we're right, right?)! That's why we've deleted the timesheet and designed the To Do page. Your team will love using it, which means they'll log time more often, be generally happier and you'll have more accurate data to make decisions with. Let them charge their endorphins by dragging tasks from To Do to Done (logging time magically in the process).

Teams – where you want them, when you need them

Scheduling is as easy as drag, drop, and duplicate. We recommend you plan in advance and then edit on the fly – and it's easy if you have Streamtime open in your  WIP or scheduling meetings. Even better... we encourage transparency and autonomy. Let your team schedule themselves (don't worry it will be fine!) and guess what... you'll create autonomy, build trust and they'll probably stay with you for longer!

Really rad reporting

Architects tell us that the reporting in Streamtime means they have everything they need at their fingertips. Decisions are better and they feel more confident running their business. Time reporting is really valuable for many architects, analysing costs vs fees to accurately track projects, team members and any overruns.

One team, one dream, one Streamtime

Everyone across the agency can be connected to Streamtime. Which means one source of truth. Reduce the number of tools your agency uses and move away from multiple spreadsheets, creating less margin for error.

Streamline your architecture practice with Claire's Insight

Click the play button down below and learn how Streamtime helped Claire from Altereco Studio streamline her practice, with an intuitive design and easy-to-use features for managing project plans and budgets. As a successful business owner, Claire shares how Streamtime has helped her increase efficiency, resulting in better project outcomes and more satisfied clients

Hear it for yourself from one of our happiest architects

Warwick Mihaly from Mihaly Slocombe tells us how he manages his architecture practice. With Streamtime, running complicated project plans and constantly changing budgets becomes a breeze.


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