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Designed by a creative agency for creative agencies

The latest version of Streamtime was conceived and designed in partnership with award-winning agency, For The People. From research, to concepts, to copy and design, the team at For The People worked hand-in-hand with Streamtime's team of developers to turn project management software on its head.

The hand-in-hand approach went one step further with For The People co-founder and ex Landor, Interbrand and R/GA staffer, Andy Wright, now running Streamtime on a permanent basis. We speak to agencies every day and are constantly researching and asking YOU for feedback. This is your product and we want you to shape it.

Plan to succeed

Planning jobs in Streamtime couldn't be easier. If your projects include things like concept, discovery, research, guidelines, social assets, client presentation, final artwork, production then we've got your back. Price them by team member rates and hours or fixed price and we'll turn that into a timeline and a quote within a couple of clicks.

Plan to get paid and increase profit

From your job plan, the quote and invoice can be generated and personalised within minutes. Of course, we recommend invoicing those jobs up front in phases or percentages as milestones are reached – and it's super easy to do just that with our part-invoice wizard. Oh, and keep an eye on the ROI with our predicted profit margin feature.

More accurate data, no timesheets

It's scientifically proven that agencies that don't do timesheets have happier staff. (It's not, but we're right, right?)! That's why we've deleted the timesheet and designed the To Do page. Your team will love using it, which means they'll log time more often, be generally happier and you'll have more accurate data to make decisions with.
No more 7.5, 7.5, 7.5, 7.5, 7.5

Teams – where you want them, when you need them

Scheduling is as easy as drag, drop, and duplicate. We recommend you plan in advance and then edit on the fly – and it's easy if you have Streamtime open in your agency WIP or scheduling meetings. Even better... we encourage transparency and autonomy. Let your team schedule themselves (don't worry it will be fine!) and guess what you'll create autonomy, build trust and they'll probably stay with you for longer!

One team, one dream, one Streamtime

Everyone across the agency can be connected to Streamtime. Which means one source of truth. Reduce the number of tools your agency uses and move away from multiple spreadsheets, creating less margin for error.

You’re not alone

Agencies across the world are using Streamtime to run their business. You'll be joining marvellous humans from agencies including NB Studio, OPX, Phantom, Onwards, Ragged Edge, Studio.Build, For The People, Schema Design, Made Brave, BCM, Icon, Studio Round... the list goes on!

With years of experience in agencies, and working with more and more everyday, we're more than happy to share that experience any time. Andy and the team are here on call for catch-ups, coffees, advice or just plain old sharing of war wounds. Just get in touch.

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