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The Art of the Quick-Sort

Reporting only what you need.

Nothing but the exact reports you need, distilled using a handy quick sort.

Good information is golden—but tedious, useless process shouldn't be required to get it. Like a good coffee machine, a reporting system must have an excellent filter to produce quality results.


Reporting with Streamtime

Find what you need
(and strip out what you don’t)

The Streamtime reporting sidebar allows you to filter using just about any variable you can imagine. All you need to do is select the filters you want and leave out the ones you don’t.

Export or save in a moment

Streamtime reports are live reflections of what’s currently in the system, ready to refine or sort in whatever way you need—but as soon as find what you need, you can export into CSV or save the report as a favourite.

We’ve got plenty to get you started

Streamtime comes loaded with commonly-used reports under the ‘favourites’ tab. So if you want a report on, say, unpaid invoices or jobs over budget, you’ll have it in a single click.
“…We’ve captured more of our time spent on projects. This has meant more time is being billed. It has changed our working habits for the better and our business is much more sustainable as a result.”
Nic Eldridge, Founder & Creative Director, Sector7g


  • Does it allow you to generate the exact report you need?
  • Does it create reports that are useful, specific and quickly scannable?
  • Does it come with pre-made reports that you’ll probably find really useful?
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