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The Art of the Utilised Commute

Your to-do list app now mobile.

Go mobile with our custom app to better utilise your commute.

Minimising admin time is great, but removing it from the studio entirely is all the better. A creative must have the option of knocking admin over on the way to work (or to lunch), to reserve the studio exclusively for creative pursuits.


The iOS app by Streamtime

Don’t sacrifice beauty for mobility

No more wrestling with bad, mobile browser ports of web apps. The Streamtime iOS app is exclusively and specifically designed for iOS—and reinvents that beautiful and intuitive Streamtime feel.

Say no to bloat

Our app specialises in all the things you’ll actually do on the go (like quickly logging tasks and managing your to-do list) and leaves the stuff you won’t be doing (like quoting and invoicing) to desktop app, keeping things simple and clean.

Rely on up-to-the-minute

Information streams straight from your team’s database—so any changes made on desktop will be reflected instantly.
“Strangely, I look forward to opening up Streamtime. It's like my well dressed and helpful little mate.”
Tom Maclachlan, Director, GoodChat TV

iOS app

  • Are the interface and interactions completely redesigned for mobile use?
  • Does it strip out what you don’t need to keep things pretty and easy?
  • Is it updated on the reg?
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