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The Art of the Quick Decision

Job Planning that's fast and easy

Wasting mental resources on extraneous documentation is the most heinous of creative crimes. Job planning must be simple and easy, and involve just a few quick decisions. Like so:


Job planning with Streamtime

Create a job with 3 simple questions

"What's the job called?", "Who's the client?", "What're their contact details?". Drop the answers in the fields, and you've created a job!

Expand the plan in moments

Set the dates of the project, add team members, add the estimated amount of hours - and then Streamtime will pull the individual hourly rates, do the math and show you the totals for your plan.

Keep your finger on the pulse

How you're tracking against budget, any expenses that've been logged, how much has been invoiced - it's all there, at a glance.
“Streamtime makes job management a dream – even for a creative!”
Alex Riches, Designer/Owner,
twenty26 designs

The job planning checklist

  • Does it allow you to create custom job tags - so you can organise jobs your way?
  • Is it visually clean, with an actually-thought-out information hierarchy?
  • Does it mean you can spend less time planning the job, and more time actually doing the job?
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