Dive into the past with robust reporting. Time warp.


The reporting stage
You’ve completed and delivered. Then get your magnifying glass out and get deep into the past for a healthier future. So the next time you plan, you’re ahead of the game.

What’s the status of that job?

Your jobs list is the source of truth in Streamtime. See how much of a job is left to invoice, what’s awaiting payment or overdue and the current profit margin for any job in your business.

Create your own reports, just the once
With our magic mix of columns and filters the opportunities for custom reports are limitless. Create them once and save them to your favourites. Perfect for those weekly and monthly reporting meetings.

Get the download
Need the detail on a specific job or group of jobs, in your hand, in an instant? Just download any data you need in csv format.

Design your labels
Labels are the ultimate personal touch to make Streamtime your own. Use them to create at-a-glance reports on internal jobs, new business, or by who's running the job. The possibilities are endless.

Plan and predict.

With cost and sell rates input into Streamtime you can plan a profit margin and watch us predict how likely you are to hit it as you manage your jobs.

Healthy Profit
Keep a favourite report to hand that reports your profit across the company for each job in real time.

The Job Cost Report
Download an itemised overview of your whole job showing you how much you estimated vs how much you’ve used at any point in time. Download a sample JCR and check it out.

Save your favourite job profitability reports

Seamlessly connect with Xero, Quickbooks, Zapier and many more.

We're big fans of Xero here at Streamtime HQ as well as QuickBooks. Using MYOB AccountRight? Yep, we do that too.

The devil's in the detail
Match your chart of accounts so that income and expenses are aligned with your financial reporting requirements.

With your accounting software hooked up, we can update Streamtime with paid and overdue invoices, perfect to keep in sync with your finance team and bookkeeper.

Interested in more?
Step four, power up: supercharge your flow.

Or simply cut to the chase and get started now.

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