Manage your jobs like a pro. Next level.


The doing stage
More creative flow, less soul-sucking admin. Welcome to seamless time-tracking, flexible and visual schedules, and even a kanban view. Magically updating in real-time before your eyes. Boom.

Time Tracking = Joy? Surely not.

Track your team’s time more accurately than ever with a tool they’ll love using. A wild claim, we know. But it’s true.

‍Time is cleverly tracked for them when they drag and drop tasks from ToDo to Done, so there’s no mismatch between hours worked and hours recorded. Simply drag tasks from ‘to do’ to ‘done’ — and, like magic, time is logged against your jobs.‍

Adapt to changing schedules
Pull on the edge of task cards to increase or reduce time, and check how long is remaining.

No eye roll factor
Teams adopt our to-do list method of tracking time in minutes. That means your data is more accurate, and you get to make better business decisions.

Write posts, comment and notify team members. Oi!
Write posts, comment and notify team members. Oi!
Write posts, comment and notify team members. Oi!


Post, comment, nudge your teammates – all within Streamtime.

Post your briefs

Copy and paste the brief for your job, or just go-ahead and write straight into a Streamtime post.

Mention team mates

Make sure that your team know what's happening and when by mentioning them in comments.

You have mail!

Well not quite, but definitely notifications with just the right amount of pulse to get your attention.

All in Streamtime

Paste links to key folders, resources, research, all in the post for easy reference for the rest of your team.

Prioritise your sanity

Set up boards to track your projects with Priorities. Move cards as they progress, track jobs and items as they go.

Turn your job into a board
Create columns to reflect progress. Create a backlog of items, show items in progress, move them to awaiting feedback, or leave a note with more detailed instructions for the team.

Healthy pipelines = healthy businesses.
Why not create your pipeline in Streamtime? That's exactly what we do at HQ – moving all you lovely customers through our pipeline stages tracking potential revenue along the way.

You’re the Priority
How you use Priorities is completely up to you. Set up a capacity planning board for your team members, an invoicing board to keep track of what needs sending and what needs chasing. The possibilities are endless.

Schedule your tasks, and your team

Easily shift tasks
Someone off sick? Or just plain overloaded? Drag and drop their tasks onto somebody else. Shrink or expand the duration, whatever you need - just like the To Do list, it’s all drag-and-drop.

Create new tasks from the schedule
No need to check the schedule then head back to the job plan - you can create new tasks for jobs straight from the schedule.

Studio Managers?
Plan the week for your team in real-time, right there and then in your weekly stand-up meeting. If you're feeling really kind, you can even log their time for them!

iOS app.

Create tasks wherever you are
Sweaty midnight wake-up? No worries. Add a ToDo for tomorrow from the app and get back to those sweeeet dreams.

Log on the go
Just finished a client meeting? Swiping left and right in the Uber back? Swipe in the Streamtime app to get that time logged in a jiffy.

A helping hand
And it's not just for you. Add a task for one of your team, or keep an eye on their ToDo and Done progress – all in the palm of your hand.

Job complete. Well done.
Next up, step three: take a look back.

Or simply cut to the chase and get started now.

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