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The Art of the Simple Button Press

Quote & Invoice in a few clicks.

Connect Xero and Quickbooks to make quoting and invoicing one click simple.

It's true that some creatives can do incredible things with mathematics– but those things never involve quoting and invoicing. Those processes, then must be reduced and simplified as much as possible, ideally, a few quick clicks.

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Quoting & Invoicing with Streamtime

Turn a job plan into a quote in a single click

On the job plan page, the ‘create quote’ button enables you to transform your job plan into a beautiful and clear quote with one click. Actually, it might be too easy…?

Turn a job plan into a beautiful, not-designed-by-an-accountant invoice in two clicks

Invoices are almost as easy — just choose where you want to pull data from (your job plan, your logged time and expenses, or an existing quote), and then click ‘create’!

Tweak it, get it to the client and get paid

Make any tweaks you need, then simply choose the client you want to email it to or drop the invoice straight into your accounting system. We have direct integrations with Xero and Quickbooks, and we’re building more.
“I love the easy quoting that can be quickly turned into a project, dynamite!”
Brent Dickens, Owner/Design Director,
Pola Design

The quoting & invoicing checklist

  • Does it allow you to generate a quote in less time than it takes to read this question?
  • Does it integrate simply and usefully with Xero?
  • Does it makes your quotes and invoices into spiffy-looking and clearly readable PDFs?
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