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When it comes to support we’ve got your back. Here you’ll find answers to the questions we’re asked most and contact information should you need get in touch with our support team.


  1. How do I contact a human to talk about Streamtime?
    We use Intercom.io to manage all our conversations. We are real humans writing those messages and responses to your queries. In terms of support, that is the most efficient way for us to manage so many conversations and track them through to a resolution.

    You can book a time to talk with one of us about anything or get a demo of Streamtime. We have a booking form online, just choose a time that suits and we’ll contact you.
  2. I use an older version of Streamtime... how do I transition to the new Streamtime?
    The new Streamtime has no effect on your current account, and we’ll continue to support Classic versions of Streamtime for as long as you want to use it. For those considering making the leap from Classic to new, this article will give you all the information you need.

    We have a dedicated website for Streamtime Classic support at classic.streamtime.net and a dedicated support team who can be contacted by emailing classic@streamtime.net 

  3. Where is Streamtime hosted? Is my data safe and backed up?
    Streamtime is hosted in the magical cloud. We have chosen Amazon AWS specifically for its ability to replicate databases, provide hourly off-site backups and standard disaster recovery procedures to keep your data safe.
  4. Which web browsers are supported?
    The usual suspects. We support the latest versions of Chrome & Safari on Windows and Mac OS.
  5. Can I pay annually rather than monthly and save money?
    Sure can! You’ll be able to select an ‘annual’ option when you enter your payment details. If you’ve already signed up and subscribed, you can change this under ‘subscription’ in your account.
  6. But...but...where is my timesheet?
    Gone! We never want to see another timesheet again. Your To-Do list is how you’ll be tracking time from now on. When you create a task, you’ll allocate the time it took you to do it. When it gets placed in the ‘done’ section, that time will automatically get logged against the job it’s associated with.
  7. Do you have a roadmap where I can see new features and stuff?
    We’re working on solving a lot of things, take a look at what we’re doing now and what we recently completed.

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