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Where is Streamtime hosted? Is my data safe and backed up?

How much is Streamtime?

Streamtime is hosted in the magical cloud. We have chosen Amazon AWS specifically for its ability to replicate databases, provide hourly off-site backups and standard disaster recovery procedures to keep your data safe.

Which web browsers do you support?

How much is Streamtime?

The usual suspects. We support the latest versions of Chrome & Safari on Windows and Mac OS.

Which types of businesses is Streamtime best suited for?

How much is Streamtime?

Lots of different teams and businesses use Streamtime. We're especially popular with creative agencies, marketing and media services, in-house design teams and architects. But if you're a professional service or any team that needs to schedule tasks and account for time, then we could be right for you.

But... but... where is my timesheet?

How much is Streamtime?

Gone! We never want to see another timesheet again. Your To-Do list is how you’ll be tracking time from now on. When you create a task, you’ll allocate the time it took you to do it. When it gets placed in the ‘done’ section, that time will automatically get logged against the job it’s associated with.

Can I give specific access to certain team members?

How much is Streamtime?

We always prefer transparency in our own team and encourage it with others. But rest assured, if you need to, you can control which team members can see certain types of numbers and areas in Streamtime. It's all in your team settings.

Which accountancy packages do you integrate with?

How much is Streamtime?

We work well with Xero and Quickbooks and MYOB Account Right. But we also have an API that you can use to build integrations into other software packages.

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