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An Alternative to Wrike

Streamtime vs. Wrike
Why do we need to over complicate things?

Here’s 7 reasons why Streamtime could be a better alternative to Wrike.

1. Time Management, but not as you know it

With Streamtime there’s no need to search through endless lists of what’s been assigned to you. With a click of a button our auto schedule creates a To do list for you to help manage your week.  Add time by simply dragging your To Do to done and when the work is finished, just tick it off, Simple. Track the time, complete your tasks and Win at (work) life.
ST vs Wrike

2. Widgets? Really?

No need for a heap of extra widgets just to get what you need – our intelligent dashboard is all ready to go. With all the important information at your fingertips, you’ll never miss a deadline again.

3. Have a good look at what your Team is doing

Give us great design over text heavy screens every day of the week.

Quickly and easily see what has gone over budget, what’s finished and what needs your attention. The Team schedule also allows you to visually see how the team is getting on with the work they have been assigned.
Team Schedule

4. The important stuff when you need to see it

Our jobs view shows you what you’ve been working on recently and what is due soon. Need more? The list view has it all by giving you the ability to display the information you need (and save them as segments for future use).

ST Jobs

5. Facts and Figures, but not the boring way

Forward thinking project reporting is here. Quick, preset segments, allow you to see your work in progress, time spent by week or month, items over budget or expenses for the month at the touch of a button. Want to be a bit more specific? No worries, we have a range of filters to choose from. Streamtime has straightforward analytics you can hang your cap on.


6.  Plan your Job and Quote all at once

In Streamtime, plan your job and turn it straight into a quote. Jobs and quotes are directly linked so there is no double handling. With our easy to use client approval you will never need to leave the app (well, maybe if you need to use the bathroom).

7. No Confusing Price Tag

We have a few simple plans to pick from. We believe that you and your team work best when you all work together.


If you think this sounds like you then come on over and sign up FREE.

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