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Streamtime ensures your work life is Never Not Creative.

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Why Streamtime?

We’re looking to unleash creativity by reimagining your studio.
We're here to ensure you're never not creative.
We've been fighting for creativity in the studio since 2002 - Though our app has taken many forms in that time, and our journey has taken us around the world, we’ve never strayed from that mission. So how does Streamtime help you defend your creativity?

We keep you in the creative flow

Every second you spend in your creative headspace is time well spent. You’re happy. Productive. Fulfilled.

That’s why we want to keep you there. Streamtime is beautiful, intuitive, helpful… it’s admin without feeling like admin, so you never have to burst your bubble.

We solve problems creatively

Being a creative means questioning convention, breaking new ground... basically, finding a better way. Why shouldn't you expect the same from your admin software?

We've rethought and redesigned everything from the ground up - like ditching timesheets and replacing them with tracked to-do lists.
“Brilliantly designed, intuitive and elegantly simple. The shift from time sheets to to-do lists is simply genius.”— FRASER CALLAWAY, STRATEGY CREATIVE

We save you time

You don't want to be stuck doing admin work (even if we have made it nicer). You want to be creating - so Streamtime does as much as possible for you.

For example, if you plan a task for someone on the team schedule, it will automatically appear on their personal to-do list.
“Smart timesheeting is awesome! I also love the easy quoting that can be quickly turned into a project, dynamite!”— BRENT DICKENS, POLA DESIGN

We've earned the trust of the creative industry

Over 1,000 creative teams are using Streamtime right now. Here are just a handful of them (and a few of the industry events we're proud to support):

with accolades

Capterra recently named us Most Recommended, Best Value, and Best Support Project Management Tool – that was real nice! And so was the creative community showing their approval with these prestigious awards:

D&AD Professional Awards Winner

Branding - Medium Organisation

Best Design
Awards Winner

Digital - Application

AGDA Design
Awards Winner

Pinnacle - Digital Apps
Distinction - Effectiveness

Webby Awards

Websites - Web Services & Applications

Sydney Design
Awards Winner

Digital - Business Operations

Become a Defender of Creativity

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