Working on your agency – not just in it

An online course for agency leaders

All too often, as an agency leader, you’ll have the nagging thought of “is there something more I could be doing with my business?” It’s easy to constantly find something else to do. A needy client, an upcoming pitch, a new hire. It’s much harder to prioritise time for working on your business vs reacting to everything in it.

To help agency leaders we’ve teamed up with Design Assembly New Zealand to create the Stronger, Better, Happier Agency Program. It’s a course that guides you to evaluate where you’re at with your business, clients, team, finances and importantly, your happiness.

This webinar is an introduction to the course with myself (Andy) chatting with Louise about the first two modules (of 6). We go in-depth into how to evaluate your business health and your own personal happiness. It means asking yourself some tough questions and interrogating data and opinions in your business that you may not have previously had complete transparency on.

This is the perfect chance to take a step back and reimagine what your future business could look like. Whether it’s evolution or revolution you’re looking for, we’ll help you to assess and plan for a future that puts you in charge.

Watch the webinar and then register for the online course for agency leaders on Teachable.

Andy Wright

Andy is the Managing Director at Streamtime. Previously a co-founder of For The People who designed the new Streamtime. Andy is charged with making sure we're making the best possible product to help creatives and the creative industry to be as successful as possible.

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