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Say what!? A free workshop on Digital Product Design!

In conjunction with the The Design Conference,  join Andy Wright (For The People), Jo Roca (For The People) and Aaron Green (Founder of Streamtime) for a free, digital product design workshop.

Discover the process behind inventing and designing digital products and hear how Streamtime (project management software for humans) was redefined and redesigned for 2016.

For The People

Become your very own startup

The workshop will provide insights into how to discover things that everyone knows, but that nobody addresses. It will teach the skill of invention and how to pick a problem and completely reinvent a solution. The workshop will also dive into the iteration process to learn how to quickly take in many different perspectives for a better outcome.

Walk away with the beginnings of that idea that could become your very own startup.

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This workshop is free for Design Conference Attendees but you do have to earn your spot! For more information check out The Design Conference website.

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