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Product Update: Purchase Orders & Multi Currency Support

Purchase Orders are here!

The ability to create and send Purchase Orders to suppliers was one of our most requested features. Well, request no more friends, request no more! 🙂

Just a couple of so, so many requests we received:

We should have some very happy Streamtimers out there with the ability to create a PO directly from a job or turn an existing expense into a PO both released into the (Premium subscription) wild recently. The template works just like our quote and invoice, allowing users to send suppliers a formal document via email or PDF – check it out here.

Multi Currencies…tick!

And that’s not all…in the same update, we dropped in a huge piece of work that should make those of you working across international borders very happy! Yup, you guessed it, Multi Currency support! It really was a massive undertaking so please, read all about it and get multicurrencying today.

Michael O'Riley

Our Scrum Master. Michael supports our engineering team - fostering communication, protecting the team from distractions, facilitating scrum meetings, scheduling, planning and prioritising.

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