Get paid: Invoicing, credit notes & accounting integrations

It’s true that some creatives can do incredible things with mathematics—but those things rarely involve quoting and invoicing. In this webinar we show you exactly how few clicks are involved in order to get paid for your work.

How to Create Invoices & Credit Notes

We will show you how to make invoices from the job plan, from the quotes or from recorded time and expenses in just a few clicks. Add your terms, bank details, and the rest. We also now let you create negative invoices for credit notes, and we’ll touch on discounts.

Show Me The Money

We’ll show you how you can track payments, list overdue invoices and get reports of what was invoiced each month.

Accounts Integration

Last but not least, connect and export data to the most popular accounting platforms, Xero and Quickbooks. Update 2019: Integration to MYOB is now supported, check out our knowledge base article here.

Paddy Morgan

Paddy helps people use Streamtime effectively. In Rainbows was his favourite Radiohead album at the time of writing, but that’s probably changed by now.

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