What’s a sub-item?

Like items, but smaller. Sub-items let you and your team get closer to the work that needs to get done—the work that makes up an item.

Why are sub-items useful?

Sub-items provide you with greater granularity around a job’s structure. We even built them with a nice little check-box, so you can tick off sub-items as they’re completed.

How can I use sub-items to help structure my jobs?

Sub-items might be tasks that need completing, they might be milestones. Either way, they’re helping you structure your jobs with more granularity, which is why we’re looking to introduce dates on sub-items too.

Polina Evmenova

Poli is a Russian chic from Customer Success with good advice about, well, anything. She helps companies get the most out of Streamtime so they can keep running successful businesses.

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