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Product Update: Easy Scheduling and Custom Reporting

It’s full steam ahead as usual at Streamtime and our wonderful team have a few new things up their sleeve that they wanted to share. Spoiler alert! There’s some Team Scheduling and Analytics improvements you’re going to love.

Things that will make you go Ooh

  • “Tear Off To Do” – Team Scheduling made easy: 

    In the Team Schedule you can see all planned tasks assigned to your team. Now, if someone has some free time, you can click on a task and drag it up to To Do, pretty cool.​

  • Segments –

    Along with the nifty segments we’ve already created for your viewing pleasure (e.g. work in progress, items over budget, expenses this month, team time etc), our Analytics feature now allows you to save your very own segments. That’s right, you can customise your own reports! Simply select your filters, do your find, then save it.  Yes it really is that easy!​

A bit smaller, but still pretty good.

Along with these two additions, we have some nice little refinements to Jobs.

  • We’ve added the ability to track both your cost and your sell values for your expenses.

  • You can also move any of your time entries to another task. Pretty good for those unplanned time entries that you added in at the beginning.

  • ​First time using the ‘Job Number’ feature will default to 0001 instead of blank
  • Side Navigation no longer ‘sticks open’ on large screens
  • ‘Let’s start with your email’ now pre-fills the last email address you used
  • Can now press alt AFTER picking up a ToDo to copy it

Finally, Some Bug fixes:

  • Team Schedule loading improvements to make it less ‘jumpy’ when loading users in
  • Issue with NZ tax rate and address on invoices
  • Fixed link to terms on website from app
  • Analytics page crashing in chrome
  • +1h adding multiple ToDo instead of merging them
  • Minor fixes to time remaining, planned, red flag, etc in ToDo page

So that’s a truck load of goodness right there and we haven’t finished yet. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to realise our vision for the future of project management.

In the meantime if you haven’t tried Streamtime yet (shame on you), take us for a spin, it’s totally free and we think you’re going to love it!

Streamtime is project management software for humans – brought to you by a team of clever cookies dedicated to thinking big, shooting straight and bringing a little bit of spice to your work life.

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