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6 reasons why Streamtime is a great alternative to Harvest

Streamtime vs Harvest
Let’s start treating  people like humans, not robots.

6 reasons why Streamtime is a great alternative to Harvest.

1. The future of timesheets

Gone are the days of chasing people for timesheets. With Streamtime there are no huge task lists and time cards to fill in.  Instead see what you have on in a simple To Do list. Drag and drop the task to done and violá your time has automatically been added.

“It has made me far more considerate and aware of the time I take for each job. It feels like absolute s*#t having to expand the time taken on a job but it feels epic being able to reduce it. Streamtime just sits quietly in my browser all day and is quick and easy to update when I need to” – Zak Southgate-Smith, Analogue Digital.

2. A place to see ALL

Keeping an eye on everything that is going on can sometimes be difficult. Streamtime’s Schedule allows you to see what’s been assigned to each team member. If someone is too busy, lighten their load by assigning it to someone else. Simple.


3. Facts and Figures, but not the boring way

Forward thinking project reporting is here. Quick, preset segments, allow you at the touch of a button to see work in progress, time spent by week or month, items over budget or expenses for the month. Want to be a bit more specific? No worries, we have a range of filters to choose from. Streamtime has straightforward analytics you can hang your cap on.


4. Intelligent Insights

There’s no need to plug into other apps to get your important data. With Streamtime’s Dashboard all the important information is at your fingertips, you’ll never miss a deadline again.


5. Turn a job plan into a quote

In Streamtime, plan your job and turn that straight into a quote. Jobs and quotes are directly linked so there is no double handling.

6. Interact with humans

At Streamtime you have a direct line straight to us, there are no forms to fill in or stuffy responses required. Instead we are open, honest and genuinely love chatting with our customers.
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So what do you say? Convinced that Streamtime is an alternative to Harvest?

Try us for FREE, go on, what have you got to lose?

If you want to know more about Streamtime check out our website, follow our journey, or read our vision for the future of project management.

Streamtime is project management software for humans – brought to you by a team of clever cookies dedicated to thinking big, shooting straight and bringing a little bit of spice to your work life.

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