Thank you – and now 🤞

Last week was a whirlwind. From finding out that we’d reached nomination stage to launching our campaign for a Webby, we’ve never had a week like it.

The most rewarding moments of the week came when we saw how much support we had from friends, the creative community and our own Streamtime community. We couldn’t have hoped for more.

So, I’m writing this post to say a huge THANKS. When the Webby’s hid the rankings with 24 hours to go, we’d just made it into first place. Who knows whether that’s where we finished, but we gave it our best shot and we couldn’t have done it without YOU.

This post is all about saying thanks. Here goes.

Thanks to…

Eighty One in New Zealand. The brains behind our celebrity endorsed (kind of) campaign. Selected on Friday and up and running on Monday it was a monumental effort with a team who were a dream to work with.

Check out the rest of the campaign.

Friends of Streamtime came out really strong. We’re so grateful to Design Assembly New Zealand, Nicole from TypograpHer, Frankie and The Design Kids, Matt from The Design Conference, Carol and The Design Business Council, the crew at Barely Managing, our mates at Australian Design Radio, the team at AGDA, Mirella from Womentor and Pete and the team at The Wow Company.

A large thank you also goes to all of our customers, especially the one’s who responded to our shout out and got in touch to say they voted:
Serious Business
Studio South
Strategy Creative
Paper Moose
Bauer Media
Town Square
Jack In The Box
Love and Money
Ragged Edge
Never Sit Still
Sweeney Advertising
Future Boy
Mihaly Slocombe
Bright Brain
Ultimate Clarity
Default Blue
Electric and Analog

And, last but not least, all of our amazing Streamtime team. You know who you are. You hit up friends, neighbours, strangers and pulled in every possible favour!

All we can do now – is wait. Roll on May 19th.

Andy Wright

Andy is the Managing Director at Streamtime. Previously a co-founder of For The People who designed the new Streamtime. Andy is charged with making sure we're making the best possible product to help creatives and the creative industry to be as successful as possible.

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