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Streamtime is No 1 in the UK: we reveal the secrets of our success

We’re well chuffed that Streamtime is officially the leading project management and time tracking solution for UK creative agencies.

The Agency 2015 Benchpress Survey was conducted by The Wow Company in February 2015 and is the UK’s biggest survey of independently-owned agencies.

So what’s put us at the top of the table? Obviously we have a product that people enjoy using, and that’s something we’ve worked really hard to achieve. However having a great product isn’t the only reason for our success. Here we outline a few of the key ingredients that we believe have helped make us the UK’s leading project management and time tracking solution.

Loving our clients and their work – we spend a lot of time with creatives. We talk to them every day. We attend and sponsor the events they go to. We immerse ourselves in design. We share inspiration via our blog.

Understanding agency culture – we understand that adding time to timesheets isn’t high on a creative’s list of things to do. We make it easy to add time so that the experience is as effortless as possible.

We also have a team of aces that have mostly come from an agency background and have our own inhouse design team.

Helpful but not overbearing – We want our clients to be experts in using our system and will help them in whatever way we can. With dedicated support and training teams on both sides of the globe, we make it easy to get the help they need, when they need it.

We listen – we encourage our users to feedback on their experiences with our product and service. We send a simple yearly survey, offer client reviews and collate feedback from support tickets and calls, this gives us an opportunity to see how clients are using Streamtime. We also encourage users to let us know if there are features they’d like to see included in our development road map. Every feature is considered by our CEO and development team.

All clients are equal – whether you’re a start-up with a couple of employees and growing, or a multinational design agency, we aim to give you the same experience and support. We also understand that needs vary and we adapt our advice and suggestions with this in mind.

We love our team – what makes Streamtime a success is our team of aces. We are very lucky to have a great work culture where the team have a lot of fun together. Whether it’s through organised work events like monthly TeamTime activities, Friday afternoon beers, personal training sessions and trips aboard or impromptu activities like a trip to the cinema after work or making a last minute video for the boss’s birthday, we’re a team that really enjoys hanging out together and we believe that is reflected in our work.

If you’d like to find out more about The Agency 2015 Benchpress Survey, you can view the survey results here.

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