Designing a 10/10 Product

Rule #10: Do Something Worthwhile

As designers we have the skills and power to do amazing things. I think there’s never been a better time to be a designer.  And we also live in a time that has never needed so much design. 

Design’s value has being fully recognised in the world at large, and we need to make sure we don’t waste it.

Our skills are potent, and our time is precious. So we say put this to work doing something you believe in.

Now I’ll admit it, there’s been times in my career where I’ve sat back and cruised a little. I haven’t been working on anything exciting, I haven’t been really into the company that I worked for. But I look back now on this and see it as wasted time and missed opportunity. 

So here’s our call to arms. If you take one thing away from our series of blog posts it is this.

Make sure you put your potent skills to use.

Make sure you do something worthwhile too.

For us at Streamtime it is making sure the creative business’ that use our product have better visibility on how their business is performing and can thrive.

Because then a healthy agency means a healthy culture and healthy minds.

It’s about making sure that we take risks, so we can deliver real value to our users on a personal level. Make their life easier, simpler, more pleasant, more productive and more enjoyable at work.

We’re proud that Streamtime is used by some of the best creative agencies around the world, to not only enable amazing work, but to form good habits and great work life balance.

Some of the world's best agencies and studios use Streamtime
We’re proud that some of the world’s best agencies and studios use Streamtime

But, for us that’s not enough. We want more.

And that’s because we have a damn opinion.

We want to use Streamtime as a vehicle to make the industry a better place. So that is not only in the product we design, but in the initiatives we create and the places we choose to focus our energy.

We support Never Not Creative
We support Never Not Creative. A community of creatives who want to make our industry a better place

Make sure you are doing the same. 

Make sure you too have a damn opinion and that your energy is used to do something about it.

Keen to learn more?

We’re sharing our Product Design Playbook. 10 rules we follow when we design. Head here to read other posts from the series.

Click here for more info on Never No Creative.

Christian Hewitt

Leading all things design at @Streamtime. Instructor @GeneralAssembly. ex @R/GA, ex @ForThePeople.

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