Introducing Teams & Phases

Teams is our response to calls for an easier way to schedule bigger studios with more people. Phases help add structure and hierarchy to your job plan, without sacrificing simplicity. Check out this webinar to find out how they work.

Paddy Morgan

Paddy helps people use Streamtime effectively. In Rainbows was his favourite Radiohead album at the time of writing, but that’s probably changed by now.

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    Hello. Just wanted to say how much I’m loving some of the new features you guys have pushed live recently.

    And, one thought. From an agency management point of view, Streamtime has the project management pretty much nailed. Plus it feeds through seamlessly to accounts management. What would be AMAZING is if you could tag on a CRM component. That would complete the circle for us.

    We use OnePageCRM, but it’s just another environment we could do without. We would pay extra for it!

    Anyway, keep it up!


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