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Watch the highlights, jump into the detail, start a conversation. Join Streamtime, Never Not Creative and guests as we unpack how creative businesses have navigated the first half of 2020.

On the 6th August we put on a special event with agency owners and experts to share the month to month timeline of their financial and business performance, the decisions they made to survive and what they’re planning to do next. Peter Czapp of The Wow Company and the Benchpress survey also joined us to share the latest research and insights into how agencies are doing in 2020.

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The Highlights

Special Guests – Ultimate Transparency

Watch Tom as he shares a raw insight into the effects of the COVID meteorite and the crater in his P&L. Hear from Pam as she shares the emotional rollercoaster of furloughs, redundancies and a £500k phone call.
And get the data from Peter that shows we may emerge from this stronger and better setup for the future than ever before.
Tom Tapper
Tom Tapper
Nice And Serious
Pam Scobbie
Pam Scobbie
Peter Czapp
Peter Czapp
The Wow Company


Gladly leaving 2019 behind, 2020 got off to a great start. Nothing could have prepared Nice And Serious Co-Founder Tom Tapper for what was about to happen. The COVID meteorite hit and the impact was significant.
Tom shares that the only way through this is to stick to your values, adjust and adapt.


The Benchpress study is the leading piece of independent agency research in the UK. The latest results are in. Peter shares that agencies have more cash in the bank than ever before and that founders are getting to work on their business (not just in it). But what are the longer term effects?


In March, Co-Founder of Wire, Pam Scobbie received a call that would heavily impact the future of her agency. A pulled retainer and furloughed staff led to renewed motivation and a chance to flex the agency's creative muscles.



The Wow Company started benchmarking agencies in 2012 with the aim of taking an accurate snapshot of agency life in the UK, and to share insight and
analysis with ambitious agency owners. Since then, BenchPress has grown to become the largest survey of independent agency owners in the UK.

Download their latest report below.
Agencies above £1mAgencies below £1m
Benchmark survey for creative agencies
Client profitability for creative agencies
Research into the effects of covid-19 on the creative industry
A survey of over 150 Australian design practitioners to share stories, strategies and coping mechanisms for dealing with the Covid situation. While some report up to a 60% loss in revenue, others are positively embracing restrictions and the need to evolve or pivot business models.
Streamtime supports NABS
The Creative Industry COVID-19 Support group was set up by Andrew Dobbie from Made Brave with the intention to support each other through this challenging time AND to make sure the Creative Industries continue to survive and thrive. The hope is to share work/opportunities/briefs with each other.

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