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Rebuilding Streamtime Roadmap

At Streamtime, we believe in practicing human-centred design and delivering a product that works for its users. Our Roadmap plays a key role in this process, linking our customers to our product team.

Over the last couple of months, our team has been working hard to improve and tighten process around how feedback is collected and passed through to our product team, so that we can deliver the most important functionality for the most amount of people. The result of this is our refreshed product Roadmap.

In this session, we sit down with the architects of the revitalised Streamtime Roadmap discussing what we’ve done and why, so that you know exactly what happens to your feedback when you send it in.

Michael O'Riley

Our Scrum Master. Michael supports our engineering team - fostering communication, protecting the team from distractions, facilitating scrum meetings, scheduling, planning and prioritising.

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