Australian Design Radio x Streamtime

We are very excited to be supporting Australian Design Radio (ADR) by funding an Australian tour in 2018.

ADR is a podcast based in Sydney, Australia that’s co-hosted by Matt Leach and Flyn Tracy. Matt and Flyn provide listeners with conversations and commentary on Australian Design.

In each episode, they invite an industry guest to tell their story, discuss their work, and debate the state of the creative industry. If you’re interested in Australian design then you should open your favourite podcast app and subscribe immediately.

A few of our favourite design conversations

We have a few favourites at Streamtime. Frankie Ratford from The Design Kids opens up about her passions, and Mike Tosetto from Never Sit Still goes very personal. There’s a rather surreal hour with founder of The Design Conference, Matt Haynes, and some great stories from across the globe, courtesy of Gabby Lord.

If you have time, you can also check out infamous husband and wife team Wade and Leta, the un-inimitable Chris Doyle and of course Streamtime’s Andy Wright.

Help us select future ADR guests

If you have any suggestions for other great Australian designers that Matt and Flyn should interview then please add them below. You can vote for the people already on the list or add your own. We’re keen to get out and about across the country, so would love to hear your ideas from all over!

Where should we go and who should we have on the show?
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Have a listen to past episodes below.

episode 1: Frankie Ratford on Beginnings
episode 1: Frankie Ratford on Beginnings

    • EP98 with Rob Self-Pierson on Words and Verbs
      ADR EP98 with Rob Self-Pierson on Words and Verbs Rob Self-Peirson is a writer and brand consultant based in London, UK. He is the founder and head of The Table, an agency devoted to tone of voice and …

    • EP97 with Carlo Giannasca on Limelight and Curtains
      Episode 97 with Carlo Giannasca on Limelight and Curtains.⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ Carlo Giannasca is a multi-award-winning graphic and three-dimensional environmental designer. He is the Head of Urbanite, Design Direc …

    • EP96 with Mike Rigby on Disruption and Design
      Mike Rigby is Vice President and Executive Creative Director at R/GA. We know Mike from his time in Australia working as Creative Director at Interbrand and although he’s always been on our list of pe …

    • EP94 with Mark Heaps on Life and Fulfilment
      EP94 with Mark Heaps on Life and Fulfilment⁣ ⁣ In this episode, we spoke with Mark Heaps, designer and synergist.⁣ ⁣ Mark is an American designer from Austin Texas who studied art and design in the UK …



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