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A project management
tool fit for the way
we work today.

Work more efficiently.
Automation where possible
means more time for the
work you love.

Timesheets are
as easy as
completing a to-do

Ok, show me how that makes time-tracking easier!
Drag a task from 
To-Do to Done 
to record time.
Click and extend 
a task to adjust 
the time you need.
Add notes to any 
of your tasks.

Easily add and 
mark tasks 
as personal.
Be more profitable.
Streamtime helps you make your
future business decisions.
Get organised. What you need to know when you need to know it.

"It’s made us far more efficient and productive as a team too.

It’s pretty faultless."

Adam Playford,
Design Studio Manager, Holland and Barrett

The new Streamtime is a big step –
and it’s the first of many.
We’ve built Streamtime for the next era of project and studio management. 
We won’t stop there, but right now, why not sign up and give it a whirl?
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