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Customer Support

Customer Support Person­ Sydney, Australia

Posted by Michael O’Riley 17th February 2017

About Streamtime:

We create studio management software for the advertising, interactive and design industries. Established 14 years ago in New Zealand, we have staff spread across the globe (New Zealand, Australia ­ Syd & Mel, UK and Belgium) and have grown to be an industry leader. Our strength comes from the Streamtime product itself and our proactive, fun, enthusiastic team and startup culture.

We are looking for:

A fun, friendly, creative customer support human with a knack for the written word who is happy to pick up the phone if the situation calls for it, to work with us in our Jones Bay Wharf office in Sydney.

What you’ll be doing:

Perhaps more aligned to someone early in their career, a keen interest in software/technology would suffice.

The bulk of your time will be spent in our support tool (intercom) and the Streamtime applications (both classic and current versions) responding directly to questions, problems, and suggestions from our customers. Many of the questions you’ll be able to solve yourself, others will require you to gather more information, schedule a time for investigation, follow an escalation process or raise with the product team.

Beyond those core responsibilities, there is plenty of opportunity to be involved in maintaining our social media streams, training clients, creating new help video’s/documentation and maintaining existing ones.

We really want to hear from you if:

What we can offer you:


Shoot through answers to the below questions along with your resume to jobs@streamtime.net. All applications are treated with confidentiality.

  1. Tell us why you'd be a good fit for this role.
  2. Tell us why you want to work at Streamtime instead of somewhere else.
  3. Compose a reply to this user question.

Hey Support,

We have a few more people in the office who would like to check out the new Streamtime. I saw on the website if we’re an existing Streamtime Classic user we can have the trial for as long as we want. Are you able to extend the trial indefinitely for us?

Many thanks,

Ron B

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