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Why did we change?

You’ve probably already noticed. Streamtime is changing – and has changed, a lot over the past few weeks. We’ve heard from Aaron on the broader history of Streamtime and how it’s changed over the years, but why now?

When the global Streamtime team came to Sydney for Soultime recently, we wanted to kick off the week with some much needed scene setting. How has the world of creative, design and studio project management changed?

There are hundreds of new competitors in the market. Thousands more options for studio and project managers. From Trello to Timely, Workflow Max, to ProWorkflow, Wrike to DaPulse, Harvest to Basecamp. The options are exponentially better now than they ever have been. So where did Streamtime fit in a world of cloud based, pay monthly, flexible project management solutions.

We also wanted to address some of those project management myths. Like how accurate are timesheets really? How can you remember how much time you spent on a project a week ago? How can Streamtime help address this?

It set the theme for a week of inspirational change and terrifying uncertainty. But that’s what the world is now – right?!

Andy Wright is Co-Founder at For The People

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