Thinking Big About The Future

Patrick Morgan

Here at Streamtime, we’re excited by the idea that we can be more than a tool that you use to run your business, and are constantly looking for ways to help you run your business better. Here are a few ideas for the future we’ve got in mind.

We’ve become so heavily dependent upon the technology we use at work to actually get work done. If we woke up one day without Slack, Intercom, Jira, Invision or Notion, we’d be utterly screwed. We wouldn’t know what to do next, or even how to talk to anyone about what to do next (five members of the Streamtime team currently work remotely). Not to mention all the work we’d lose.

These tools have become engrained in our workflow, and help us carry out fundamental tasks daily.

Hopefully, this is how you think about Streamtime. It’s a tool that creatives use to run their businesses.

There are a few things that we already do in Streamtime to help you run your business efficiently, like creating a quote from the job plan to help you avoid under-quoting a job. But, we’re dreaming much larger than this.

Predictive analysis, culture management and making user data work for users are just a few ideas we publicise on our website. Imagine smarts, like Streamtime suggesting a team member to work on a project because the last project they worked on with that particular client went really well.

Cool, right? We think so. The nice thing about this, is that the data’s there. The tech however, is another story. But it’s not far off. (Relative to the existence of the universe)

We recently ran a webinar discussing a few of these grand ideas for The Future, which you can check out here.

Aaron (Streamtime Founder), Danielle (off the bench from maternity leave), Christian (our new Head of Design) and myself dive into the distant, and not-so-distant future, talking bold ideas, roadmaps, and understanding what makes your business tick.

Given you’re still with us, here are some links you might find interesting:

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Thinking Big About The Future