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To say we’re proud of Streamtime is an understatement. We believe we’ve built a forward-thinking project management solution suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re an advertising agency, business consultant, graphic design studio, in-house design team or a freelancer, Streamtime could be the answer to your project management needs! But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say when they review Streamtime.

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Chris Ahern Chris Ahern, Studio Manager, Villain Designs

An emerging benchmark and future king!

From the moment you check out their website, see their innovative approach and understand the direction they’re taking their software in, a wave of anticipation will most likely wash over you. Especially if you’re looking for a user-friendly project management app with design and user experience at its core and a company behind it who practice true customer-centricity.

I say that because not only are they prepared to offer long-term value over short-term gains, I’ve never met a more hands-on team of people focusing on creating a product that aligns with their vision and also takes into account every last piece of user feedback. There is a genuine excitement about their product internally and that’s reflected in their culture and service.

Streamtime doesn’t compete on volume of features it falls way short of many out there and for good reason, they don’t want to. Streamtime focuses only on the things that make project management simple and nothing else. Starting with the dreaded timesheet – gone are timesheets and timers. Streamtime lets you set up a simple ToDo list of cards (which house your jobs and tasks) and allows you to set and modify the time by simply resizing the card. Drag the card from the ToDo pile to the Done pile and that’s it! You’re making money. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Streamtime allows you to do many of the core functions that teams and individuals require without all of the redundant features that most people never use. Quoting, invoicing, integration with the world’s best accounting system (Xero) are all well-thought-out additions. Granted, there is still work to be done on the options and functions for invoicing pre-Xero, but all of the must-haves are in the pipeline as we speak. Although the app and it’s unique functionality are in its infancy, these guys literally don’t stop improving every week.

If a simpler, easier way to capture all of those bits of time that fall through the cracks isn’t enough, then Streamtime’s plans for future data interpretation providing real studio insights on staff and project compatibility is just out of this world.

Streamtime is a forward-thinking software company with the balls to chuck the original playbook out of the window and start again from scratch. They had the foresight to work with an award-winning team of design-thinkers who challenge the status quo, and the guts to accept an exciting new direction and build something truly unique for creative agency professionals. Follow the journey – it explains everything.

Cherise Conrick

Cherise Conrick, Principal & Creative Director, Typespace PL

A thoughtfully designed time saver:

The ease of use, functionality and beautiful design of this product ensures there is no reasonable excuse for being disorganised when it comes to workflow.

Streamtime makes job and time management a simple task to enable my studio to spend their valuable time in design rather than administration. The weekly view feature allows for realistic targets for jobs to be maintained rather than the ‘wishful thinking’ format of my working past. The ease of seeing all team members schedules enables job distribution and tracking streamlines the approach to office time management.

Streamtime has re-introduced me to a better way of working blocks of time rather than small snippets which are ultimately time wasting. I feel more in control of my time and therefore job schedules.

I look forward to a long term relationship with Streamtime and the program developments that will come with time.

The Streamtime team seem very receptive to comments on improvement or issues I may have had. I am always incredibly impressed by their personal response. This program is so simple to use it thankfully avoids the lengthy customisation time often required of other similar products on the market.

Regardless of whether you are a sole operator or larger studio I believe the flexibility and ease of use of Streamtime will positively contribute to your business operation.
Peter Schmitt

Peter Schmitt, Managing Partner,

As a prior user of Streamtime Classic, it’s a shift in mindset, but the net result is fantastic:

Cloud, simplicity, accessibility and the attitude of the people at Streamtime Theres a logic that makes a whole lot of sense, making it super easy to use. The Xero integration works like a bomb

Tom Mac

Tom Maclachlan, Director, GoodChat TV

Top notch tool for my production agency:

Love that it’s easy and intuitive to plan projects, schedule teams, quote for clients. It’s beautifully designed and actually fun to use. Strangely, I look forward to opening up Streamtime. It’s like my well dressed and helpful little mate.
Toya Ricci

Toya Ricci, Studio Manager, Ramus Illumination

Streamtime is fun time:

The new Streamtime makes recording and tracking time kinda fun! There was hardly any need to transition our team into Streamtime – it’s like they’ve always been using it! Great product with a visually pleasing and easy to navigate interface. Thanks guys! Excellent price point, beautiful design, web-based functionality….


Alison Pulford, Creative Director, Antler Studio 

Great Product:

Really we designed. Very easy to use interface and great for planning allocation of time to jobs and for tracking how much time is spent on a job. Customer support is excellent.  The visual layout is great and it just makes it so easy to see scheduled tasks for the week in the ‘to do’ section and to move tasks around, edit the time spent on tasks etc.


Paul Twyman, General Manager, Agency Kilo 

Beautiful, simple and easy to use time management:

I started using Streamtime after searching and trialling many other products. After finding this one and watching a few of the vblogs on their website I knew that this was the one for me and that the team behind it had the same idea and thoughts as to what this sort of software should be like to use. Although it is still quite new and some features are still being developed I have confidence in the team and that this will continue to evolve into something even greater.  It has actually made me start to enjoy planning and tracking my workload, before it was a task and nothing I had found was flexible enough to keep up with the constantly updating task workload, especially when under pressure and on tight deadlines the normal time where keep track of things and recording time goes out the window.  Highly recommend.

Amanda Alessi, Wedding photographer, Amanda Alessi Photography

A minimalist’s dream:

Firstly, Streamtime looks AMAZING. Clean lines, negative space and neutral colours…just a sexy design overall 🙂 The customer service is exceptional…fast email responses, glitch fixing and Skype calls to discuss any questions.


John Rosato, Digital Marketing Manager, Wolf Interactive 

Most intuitive software on the market:

I’m a digital marketing manager in a small full-service agency with anywhere between 5-6 team members collaborating on projects. After having troubles with software that was clunky and difficult for everyone to use. So far Streamtime’s had a short learning curve and been adopted by the entire team. Extremely intuitive and easy to manage days, weeks and months.


Gareth Tutt, Studio Manager, N9 Design Ltd 

It arrived at just the right time:

Overall, as a project manager and designer, I need the workflow side of my job to be as painfree as possible – and it is. In a nutshell, Streamtime is great. Quick, easy, manageable and the flexibility the studio has is a winner! The flexibility the team have with their workflow and day to day jobs – things pop up all the time so the ease of moving jobs around is awesome!

Sam Dungey

Sam Dungey, General Manager, Ocean Design

Inducting people into using it is very easy.

We have been avid Streamtime classic users for many years. The opportunity arose to try the new version so we jumped at the chance. For a light fast moving group who need organising, but not managing and information but not inputs, Streamtime fits the bill. We started testing with a small sub set of our business to see if the new version of Streamtime would work for not only the sub part but the larger main organisation. Simplicity of user setup is fantastic. And even though the support is not really needed, the support team goes out of their way to ensure your questions are answered in relation to your organisation. This is a subtle but important point. The ongoing additions to the original release are not adding clutter as in many iterative software releases, but adding value. The recent release of the analytics console was brilliant.

ZakZak Southgate-Smith, Graphic Designer, Analogue Digital Agency 

Improving Time Management:

Overall, Streamtime has been an easy and intuitive project to use that has helped to not only improve in-office process but also project and time management. The daily time-tracking and to do functionality is an amazingly visual way of mapping out daily and weekly schedule. The adjustable project time blocks have helped to improve our time management skills as it feels awful adding more time and great reducing the time taken. Also, being able to invoice the client directly from Streamtime based on the hours spent on a project fits seamlessly into our work flow.

Adam Playford round

Adam Playford, Design Studio Manager, Holland and Barrett

Time Saviour:

I’m a Design Studio Manager working client side. I’ve a team of 5 designers who work with all areas of the business to produce adverts and comms. We invested in Streamtime after a friend of mine suggested we look into it. In short, it’s simply brilliant. Extremely easy to use, my designers and I can manage our time and projects, collaborate seamlessly across jobs and, more recently, run analytics to show which areas of the business impact us most in terms of time and amends. Streamtime is a weapon any creative should have in their arsenal. It’s extremely easy to set-up jobs and allocate time. It’s just as easy to view who is working on what and amend workload based on sickness, holidays or shifts in deadlines. I can easily set-up projects months in advance and book time in for all areas of the business. It’s made us far more efficient and productive as a team too. It’s pretty faultless.

Steven Gray Steven Gray, Founder Plastic Duck Armada

I love the interface and how fun you have made the experience. From a design point of view, it absolutely fits my sensibilities. It’s really great! Other than that, I don’t have too much more to add. It’s a great product.

Lou Wright

Lou Wright, Creative, Strategy Creative

Easy, beautiful, fun.

How transparent it is. How easy it is to use. How well it’s designed. How personalised it can be. It’s just great!



If you want to know more about Streamtime check out our website, follow our journey, or read our vision for the future of project management. And remember…you can try us for free, go on, what have you got to lose?

Streamtime is project management software for humans – brought to you by a team of clever cookies dedicated to thinking big, shooting straight and bringing a little bit of spice to your work life.

Aaron Green

Founder of Streamtime and guy responsible for all of this madness

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