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Streamtime gets a brand makeover

Wow, we look good, I mean, really good. Streamtime has been collaborating with Sydney agency For The People for the past nine months. The result? A sexy new product and a new brand identity!

But how did that brand identity come about?

Streamtime Founder, Aaron Green really felt like he wanted to work with a company that had experience behind them. The three founders of For The People, Damian Borchok, Jason Little and Andy Wright brought with them a wealth of industry experience having worked at companies like Interbrand, Landor and Re: Brand Agency to name just a few.

But Aarons biggest belief was he wanted to collaborate with a team that understood Streamtime the company and the people behind it. The team at Streamtime is a big part of who we are and For The People got that straight away.

In this video Jason Little unveils the new brand for the first time to the Streamtime team. He talks about how the brand identity is a reflection of the new product design but also a reflection of the personality of Streamtime.

“There is an immense personality and positivity and quirkiness and joy in this company” – Jason Little.

Some of the brand highlights:

• The ‘idea’ behind the brand identity came from Streamtime’s get-it-done attitude and quirkiness.


Bw Modelica was chosen as the Streamtime font, not only because of it’s clarity and simplicity but because it’s weird, just like us apparently!

Bw Modelica

• When it came to designing a brand character, the obvious choice was right under our noses, red trousers and all.

Tiny Aaron 1

Tiny Aaron 2

Do you want to know how it all turned out? Then check out our new website with the fancy new side scroll and game! Or follow our journey with For The People through Aaron’s highly entertaining video blog.


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