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Streamline changes name to Streamtime

On one side of the world we are known as Streamline. On the other side of the world we have been known as Streamtime. Not a big difference. But a difference none the less. It was all to do with global trademarks, which takes years of approval, paying endless lawyers to say yes or no to the names we call ourselves.

Behind the scenes, our developers had to work with two solutions. Our Ad agency had to constantly remember which market the ads were in, to ensure the right logo, and we all had to have multiple email accounts. All of which, as you would guess, could be easier.

Our team is also growing, and therefore needed one name. The UK market is breaking all records for us, with an office and support team of 20 to cope with all the demand. North America has also had massive momentum with 4 offices in the pipeline. In Asia, we are quickly building a foundation for the creative market. In Australia, we have become the benchmark, and our new office space in the heart of Sydney is our sign that Australasia needed a big team to deliver the support our clients need.

Short story is – Streamtime won. It is more of a unique name, and therefore – more easily able to be registered. The software and technology has always been identical – like cloned twins.
So, as from now, Streamline will now be called Streamtime. You won’t notice much. An email change, a new logo on the ads – that kind of thing.

Our new tag line of “total studio management” better sums up the product. We know there are many pretenders to Streamtime. But if you want the most feature rich, comprehensive production and client management tool, then there has only been one real choice – and that makes us proud. Our passion has always been to help our customers control and understand their company – and ensure their time is rewarded well.

Streamtime is listed on NZ Directory

Aaron Green

Founder of Streamtime and guy responsible for all of this madness

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