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Recycled Keyboard Artwork


Many of you will probably remember Kate who was instrumental in starting our UK business (pictured above), what many of you probably don’t know is she is also a very talented artist.  A few years ago Kate produced the above artwork for a charity auction – the theme for the auction was “face value” and Kate’s inspiration for this piece came from googling the phrase “face value” and looking to see what images came up.  There are somewhere around 10,000 individual keys used in this artwork made from hundreds of recycled keyboards (although mysteriously I recall several office white mac keyboards went missing during the production of this piece).  Also – black keys – it turns out – are not that easy to find!!!!  All the keys were lovingly hand glued onto a polystyrene backing frame.  The Artwork fetched over $8,000 NZ and helped raised funds for the TeMapua child and youth trust.



There is a High Definition Photo of the artwork here..



Aaron Green

Founder of Streamtime and guy responsible for all of this madness

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