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Project Management for Humans – not Robots

We invited Andy Wright, ex-studio owner and Managing Director of Streamtime, to chat with Danielle and myself about how and why we’ve designed Streamtime for humans – not robots.

Streamtime’s redesign incorporated some philosophical changes, which are rooted in the importance of the human for creativity, and an awareness that technology can sometimes cause us to feel less human. So, by design, we aim to encourage a studio culture of empowerment and autonomy towards team members through Streamtime. All this, whilst having a bit of fun in the process.

In our conversation, Danielle, Andy and I explore these ideas of what we want to achieve in Streamtime, taking a close look at how this is facilitated within the product.

You can watch our conversation here: Webinar: Project Management for Humans – not Robots

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Feel free to dive deeper and check out The Journey towards Streamtime as we know it today. Also, Damian Borchok’s presentation on The Future and the Soul of Project Management, where he talks about what humans expect from technology in the workplace.

As always we want to hear from you, so please get in touch at @streamtime on Twitter or Instagram. Or, shoot us a message within the app or on email

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