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Product Update: Workflow Optimisation, Dashboard Analytics and More Invoicing Options

Today’s release focuses on improvements in the following areas: Jobs, Dashboard, Speed Optimisation and more ways to invoice with Xero. We also have an exciting new sought after feature to announce…

In this update

Archive Jobs

We know your job lists are starting to get a bit out of hand, so we’ve introduced Job Archiving.

The jobs list now contains two tabs: ‘Active’ and ‘Archived’. Archiving a job will move the job to the ‘Archived’ tab and change the status of every item within that job to ‘Done’. All users attached to the Job will receive a notification and will no longer be able to log time for that job.

To archive a job, visit the jobs list, hover over a job and click ‘Archive’ on the right.



We’ve added an ‘Invoices’ tab to the job page where you’ll find a history of all invoices sent for that job, as well as the status of those invoices fresh from Xero – nice!

You can also create invoices from here in two formats:

Job plan – creates an invoice structure using the ‘Plan’ tab (formerly Overview) using Items & Expenses.

Time & Expenses – creates an invoice structure using logged Time & Expenses which can be grouped by Date, Team Member, Item & Time/ Expense.


Work has gone towards making the dashboard more useful. With this update, we’ve introduced graphs that let you know how your team’s been tracking. Some information snippets will also offer more detailed breakdowns when clicked on.

Memory Usage & Speed Optimisation

Major improvements to memory usage and rendering speed throughout the app means you should notice a considerable improvement when loading data heavy pages such as To-Dos and Jobs.

What’s on the horizon?

There’s one thing that’s becoming apparent as we continue to engage with our users – you want some form of scheduling. We’re absolutely pumped to say that we’re currently working on releasing Scheduling for Streamtime in the not too distant future.

We love doing things differently, so while it won’t be your traditional form of scheduling, we’re sure it will go a long way to cater towards those of you that love having insight on capacity and adjusting workload.

Here’s a sneak peek.


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