Migrating to Streamtime

Why migrate? Migrators choose Streamtime for a number of reasons:

Shared Values

We value people. Meaning, Streamtime’s design takes your team into account and aims to improve studio culture and promote a happier team.

We also value time and work over admin, resulting in project management that takes weight off your shoulders and is in-sync with your studio.

Our Community

What does it mean to be a member of the Streamtime community? Direct feedback to our product team. Direct access to our product roadmap. Early access to new features and influence over their design. We love transparency.

No-Nonsense Setup

Why is it always so hard to get setup on a new tool? It doesn’t have to be this way. Streamtime aims to reduce friction in setup where possible, so you can get on with what’s actually important.

Paddy Morgan

Paddy helps people use Streamtime effectively. In Rainbows was his favourite Radiohead album at the time of writing, but that’s probably changed by now.

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