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Made By: Matters Journal by Local Peoples

Matters Journal by one of Streamtime's favourite customers - Local Peoples

A creative showcase of Streamtime’s customers and their latest work.

At Streamtime we’re on a mission to create a product that empowers our customers to be successful in their creative endeavours.

For the team here, reward comes from seeing how our work can enable others to do amazing things that have a positive impact on the world around us.

So we were very excited to receive a package last week from one of our favourite customers – Local Peoples. Inside was issue three of their amazing Matters Journal.

Issue three of Matters Journal
Issue three of Matters Journal

The Melbourne-based strategic design studio self-publishes Matters in printed form twice a year. It’s beautifully crafted; a wonderful piece of design, packed with thoughtful articles and great writing. The printed journal is complemented by a weekly digital edition. Both tell interconnected stories from the worlds of arts, design, technology, health, food and the environment.

The latest journal looks at some of the most burning issues facing civilisation; from food waste, genetic editing and machine learning, to how long it will be until bots replace humans.

As Mathew Bate, Digital Editor, says “Matters Journal is about people, ideas and stories doing good and aims to produce positive content that evokes action and deeper conversations. Matters is meant to be read, shared and discussed, but most importantly it is meant to be translated into action to inform a better world.”

This mission ties nicely into the higher purpose of the studio itself. “We believe what we design should be a step toward the future that we want to inhabit; a more social, sustainable, informed, inspiring, cohesive, considered, equitable and empathetic world” explains Lisette Muratore, Client Engagement Lead. “That’s why our projects are judged on how they create beneficial social, environmental and economic outcomes for our clients.”

Working on the latest issue at Local Peoples’ studio in Melbourne
Working on the latest issue at Local Peoples’ studio in Melbourne

In keeping with this ethos, it’s clear why Local Peoples identify as “citizens of good design and social impact” and have gone to the effort of becoming a BCorp accredited business.

Lisette goes on to say “We employ sincere community engagement, place-making, content production and digital services to help design and build healthy, resilient and resourceful communities.”

The studio is proud to work with clients such as Monash University, Development Victoria, Nike, Pause Fest and Alpha 60 to “…use business as a force for good, for the purpose of improving our world for future generations,” says Mathew.

Highly recommended reading
Highly recommended reading!

So back at Streamtime HQ, the fight was certainly on for who was going to be the first to take the journal home to read. It was a timely reminder that our customers are out there, beyond the screen, harnessing innovation and creativity to affect change for the better. And it’s a self-fulfilling loop. It inspires us to keep doing the same to push our product and our business forward.

You can follow Local Peoples online @localpeoples, and see more of their work at Matters journal can be found online @mattersjournal. For your dose of new articles, what’s happening in Melbourne and special giveaways you can subscribe to their weekly newsletter at Print editions can be purchased from the website, or at discerning bookstores like Beautiful Pages in Sydney and Magnation in Melbourne.

And for more brilliant and inspirational work from creative companies using Streamtime, watch this space.

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