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Let’s Talk Design

On Friday 11th of January, Creative Network (Belgium) organized the first Let’s Talk Design. Streamtime was very happy to sponsor this night which was held in the De Winkelhaak design center. Let’s Talk Design is an initiative by Timothy Helmer who is also the founder of the Creative Network and aims to inspire people in the creative industry in an informal way. And that’s pretty much what we got.

Writing a review of a conference is always hard so what follows is some of my highlights.

The speakers were:

Frank Tjepkema gave us a nice overview of work from Tjep. What’s interesting about Tjep is that it consists of a team of ‘misfit-fitting designers and non-designers’. They challenge each other to create design work in both interior, architectural, furniture, and visual areas. Besides creating new designs, they also like to break stuff in order to create new stuff.

Noreen Morioka and Nicole Jacek gave us an entertaining presentation. Talking about their work, how they met at the Art Directors Club and what their plans are for the future. It’s hard to describe the vibe of this presentation. There was laughter, some sadness, great design work, and advice on how to take on your own future. They brought a certain enthusiasm to the room. All I can say is, if you ever get the chance to see them give a talk or meet up with them, do it.

Last speaker for the evening was Tom Dorresteijn. The CEO of world famous Dutch agency Studio Dumbar. Tom doesn’t have a design background but for the last 20 years has been leading the studio. He talked about the need for more than just design in order to create great design work. To make his point, he talked about how Studio Dumbar works and showed us how some of their best work was made.

Between every talk there was time for a drink and to meet people from different design disciplines. The vibe was good, the response of the attendees was great, and the speakers enjoyed the setting. In other words, a great first edition. We’re looking forward to more of these nights!

Pictures can be found here.

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