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How to establish stronger process in Streamtime, just in time for a new Financial Year

If Bikram yoga taught me anything, it’s that every day is a new beginning. As the new Financial Year draws nearer, businesses are reviewing process and tightening ropes for the year ahead. Here are a few things to constantly review and establish stronger process around in Streamtime. Doing so will ensure strength in numbers when it comes to reporting for the year ahead.


The busier you get, the longer you’d need to scroll through your contacts. This also means, there is a room for error. Skim through your list and remove duplicates. They are only confusing and useless. Make sure your suppliers and clients are labeled correctly. If you know of people who have moved on from one company to another, this is a good chance to ensure that your record of that company in Streamtime is current and up to date too.

Items & Expenses

It’s important to review your items & expenses from time to time. They are the bones of your jobs, and frankly, the bones of your business. Being consistent in using items & expenses, ensures accuracy and consistency in reporting..

In order to report on frequently used items, head to the Time list in the Jobs area and  group by item name. This will give you visibility over all your items, so you can see the items you spend the most and least of your time working on. If there are items that go unused, delete these from your Master List.

Job Labels

Job labels act like tags. They group jobs together, assist with reporting & help you identify a type of a job/project in the simplest way. We’ve made it easy to create new labels, so it’s possible that you may end up with duplicates if they are hastily added to jobs. Establishing process and consistency around labels is important to establishing a strong basis for your reporting, so ensuring that you list of labels is clean is the best way to guarantee healthy reporting.

Not every label we create is necessarily a good one. Luckily, these labels are easy to get rid of if you decide to do without them. Just add a job label filter to your jobs list to find all instances of the label that you wish to delete, and work down this list removing the label from each job.

Once all instances of the label are removed from all jobs in Streamtime, the label will be removed from your labels list.


Finally, your jobs list will only provide optimal value if you look after it. This means ensuring that job statuses are kept up to date and that dates are added to jobs.  Jobs should also be archived once their payment has been fully received and they’re able to be forgotten about. Archiving jobs helps de-clutter your WIP list, meaning you’ll only see jobs that are currently active and can use it as a source of truth.

Giving your Streamtime account a bit of attention every now and then is vital to maintaining a healthy system that can provide you with valuable data and insights about your business. So, when a better time to get spring cleaning than now?

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Poli Evmenova

Poli is a Russian chic from Customer Success with good advice about, well, anything. She helps companies get the most out of Streamtime so they can keep running successful businesses.

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