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Happy First Birthday, Streamtime!

Happy First Birthday, Streamtime! He’s only one year old, but Tiny Aaron is growing up fast! (he’s still pretty tiny though…)



We’d like to say a big old thank you to everyone who has been involved with the deployment of our brand new Streamtime over the first year, from getting it into the 1’s and 0’s to helping us constantly improve it (at the top of our To Do list). We’re lookin’ at you – friends, families, subscribers, triallers, believers, non-believers (for making us prove you wrong), and of course the incredible guys down at For The People. Turning Streamtime on its head and starting from scratch was a daunting task, but we did it! Without you guys, the last year wouldn’t have been possible. We mean it!

What did we achieve?

There were a few really exciting moments in the last year that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. These include:

  • Won Sydney Design Award Gold – Digital Business Operations
  • Winning the BEST Design Awards Silver for Applications and Large Scale Website
  • Winning an AGDA Pinnacle for Digital Applications
  • Finalist at the BEST Design Awards in Design Craft and Large Brand Identity
  • Being a finalist at the AGDA Design Awards in Branding and Corporate Identity
  • Also named the best in software for task management in The Wow Company’s 2017 BenchPress Report


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 2.04.31 pm

So, where are we now?

A year and 27 releases later, the new Streamtime has come a long way. With the addition of the new Schedule which includes both Job and Team views in Beta at the moment and new features on the To Do screen, our new Streamtime is rapidly becoming more capable and better than ever before. Check out this article to see all the progress we’ve made in the last year, and to get a feel for what’s around the corner.

We hope you are all enjoying using the new Streamtime, we’ve really enjoyed making it as good as it possibly can be for you. If you haven’t already done so, sign up free here to see what all the hype is about. Trust us, this isn’t a party you want to be late to.

Paddy Morgan

Paddy helps people use Streamtime effectively. In Rainbows was his favourite Radiohead album at the time of writing, but that’s probably changed by now.

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