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Sometimes a client pays you too much, or you accidentally over charge them. We know you’re an honest person and are going to credit them back, so we made sure there’s a simple way to do that in Streamtime. No matter if you are a small or large business, this feature can be incredibly important. Credit notes are very similar to invoices, but they have a negative amount, so it makes sense to treat them like invoices.

Here’s how you can leverage the invoicing flow to create a credit note, send it and track it.

Find the job that you need to issue the credit note for and create a blank invoice.

Here, just add a line item for a negative amount due as the invoice amount.

Notice how the title instantly changes to “Credit Note” when the total goes negative. Boom! That’s it, you’ve got a credit note.

Remember to “uncheck” things if you don’t need them such as the Payment Terms and Conditions.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to create a standalone invoice for a credit. You can add it as a line on your next invoice if that’s how you prefer to work.

Now, you can easily issue credit memo to a client in a way that is understood as a ‘credit note’. Start by clicking the “Send” button to craft an email for your client.

Your client will receive an email that looks like this.

The Credit Note will appear like this.

Credit notes appear in your job and reports like invoices and reflect on all your total figures.

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