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Getting your brand noticed on Super Bowl Sunday

At an estimated US $4 million per 30 second TVC, it’s no wonder that companies advertising during the Super Bowl go all out to create something that’s going to be memorable.

Some brands have already released their offerings online: Jaguar has released British Villains Rendezvous with Tom Hiddleston and Ben Kingsley, Budweiser have gone for cute with Puppy Love and Dannon have reunited some of the Full House cast for The Spill.

While brands like H&M have opted to go for a teaser campaign in an ad starring David Beckham where they call on the audience to vote for a #covered David or an #uncovered David for the actual Super Bowl Sunday ad.

But it’s sodastream that has everyone talking. Their “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi” ad was banned and then graciously reinstated after some editing. An oversight by the agency involved or a very clever marketing ploy to get more bang for their buck?

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